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T25, what is the heck is that? This is the usual reaction of people when they hear about this program. The program is actually a combination of strength and interval trainings. These training programs are intended to boost the body?s metabolism. By doing so, the body will be able to burn fat even if you?re not working out. Even if you?re just sitting down or even during sleep, by the muscles produced through the training programs the body would continuously be able to burn calories.

The training program is designed to be an at-home routine. It is more focused on burning abdominal fats. The program targets people on the go or those too busy to be able to go regularly and workout in gyms. There?s a matter of investing in some weights, an exercise ball and probably one or two more exercise items but the total costs would nowhere be near the amount you will pay when you enroll in a gym. The rigorous training which is inspired by power sports training has been designed to burn the most amount of fat in the least amount of workout time. The program incorporates both introductory and intermediate workout routines which are spread throughout 26 weeks.


The 128-page eBook is well-presented and can usually create favorable results. However, like all diet and workout programs it will not work if people don?t commit to it. The T25 program can only do so much and without a disciplined mind and body not even the most expensive and most effective workout program can produce results. If you want a healthier physique, tight abs, strong and sculpted muscles, then be prepared to work for it.

At about $39 plus change, the eBook is relatively cheap. However, the book does not have comprehensive nutritional guide compared with other workout products available online. It also contains a simple nutritional guide which can be used in combination with the strength and interval trainings which the book focuses on. As long as you eat sensibly and follow the exercise routines religiously, you should be seeing significant results.

In a nutshell, the T25 offers a chance to work out in your home at the bare minimum of gym equipment. One needs only to spend 30 to 45 minutes of routine exercises at least three times a week. The  T25 program contains easy to follow instructions that both beginners and advance gym goers can implement. The eBook contains clear instructions and with the added MP3, the concepts are explained in more detail.

All things considered, T25 is a good buy. It does offer some great insights and exercise workouts - for those looking for a weight reduction program at a budget and under time constraints, this book might just be the right one for you.


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